Foreign divorce in India is considered a tricky business because many people are unaware of the steps involved, hence a huge uncertainty about the outcome looms.

What is foreign divorce?

A divorce becomes a foreign divorce when a marriage is sanctified in India and the couple takes to a foreign court for dissolution. This triggers uncertain questions which ought to be comprehended from the legal and technical perspectives.

Foreign Divorce Through The Legal Lens

There are two scenarios in a foreign divorce.

  • If your divorce settles through mutual consent between Non Resident Indians and a foreign court grants it, it is binding and valid. Indian courts accept the validation.
  • The second scenario is that there is no mutual consent in the divorce, and a foreign court decides the case.

If both parties enter a dispute and the case goes for a trial and a foreign court ultimately decides it, the decision is valid as well as legally binding in India provided that it is based on the grounds which are acceptable in Indian law.

What If A Spouse Is In India While The Other Files A Divorce In A Foreign Court?

If the divorce is not disputed in a foreign court and one party gets back to India, the decision by the foreign court stands invalid. The spouse who landed in India has an open option to prevent his or her spouse from initiating any proceedings in the foreign court by filing a case in an Indian court. Even if the foreign court issues an ex-parte verdict, the Indian courts will not accept it.

As a parent you should be concerned about the deviations, child custody, distribution of assets and annulment in a foreign divorce. Thankfully, they follow the same legal steps a normal divorce takes such as the welfare of the child which rests at the top priority whether you are filing a case in an Indian court of a foreign court.

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