Indians have a different perspective of marriage. A marriage is believed to happen in up above the skies while formalized on the Earth. The opinion differs from religion to religion. While personal laws also govern marriages, India has a complete legal system in place to govern ending of a marriage. Generally you can end a marriage in two forms either by divorce or through annulment.

Both are different. While a divorce dissolves a marriage, annulment declares it null and void as if it never materialized in the first place. A couple which go through annulment returns to ‘single’ status.

Explaining Annulment

We already know that annulment declares a marriage null and void. But there are different grounds to annul the marriage. Here is a rundown of those legal grounds.

  • If marriage is not consummated. This can happen if either of the spouse is chronically unable to have sexual intercourse or is medically declared as impotent.
  • Consent to the marriage is imperative without which a marriage can be annulled. If either of the spouse has not given consent at the time of marriage, this is ground for annulment.
  • If either of the spouse is found to be suffering from a mental disorder at the time of marriage, legally he or she is not considered fit for marriage, and procreation of the next generation.
  • You can annul a marriage if your spouse suffers from recurrent and persistent attacks of epilepsy or insanity.
  • Last but the most important ground for annulment of marriage is marrying a girl or boy under the legal age which is 21 for males and 18 for females.

Annulment can be sought in void and voidable marriages. A void marriage is taken as invalid right from the start while a voidable marriage is valid unless one or both parties question its validity. Let’s take a look at voidable marriages.

Voidable Marriages

Section 12 of the Hindu Marriage Act considers a marriage voidable if:

  • Consent is based on fraud.
  • Consent is forced through coercion or physical threat.
  • If a material fact like age or criminal record is deliberately concealed.
  • If the respondent is pregnant with a child of some other person, the husband can seek an annulment.

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