Increases In The Divorce Cases In India During The Lockdown

Increases In The Divorce Cases In India During The Lockdown

With the outbreak of the COVID-19, people and the government have been struggling a lot due to the pandemic situation. In the midst of the COVID-19, there has been an increase in the number of divorces as well as child custody cases in India. A recent report states that marriage in India has been rumbling due to the pressure of the lockdowns, school closures, job losses, and many other uncertainties. Another report states the Divorce rates in India have been highly increasing by 20% during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Domestic Violence:

With the increase in cases of domestic violence, it also leads to not-so-happy married lives. Normally, the victim flees from violence for staying safer somewhere. But during the Lockdown in 2020, it mainly made the victim even in more vulnerable conditions in their families. It also mainly creates more violence in many number of families in India. In 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown saw a simultaneous on the rise in the Divorce as well as child custody cases. Mumbai has witnessed the largest number of COVID cases during the lockdown. There are more than 3,480 Divorce cases in a month in Mumbai during the lockdown has been registered. Child custody also has been greatly increased during these situations.

Why Rising Divorce Cases In India?

Normally, Divorce is considered as taboo in the country. The main reason is that the there is long litigation as well as the cumbersome process of hearing. Most people do not prefer to have a divorce unless there are certain hard circumstances. Coronavirus also created a great impact on the lives of the people. Lockdown due to the Coronavirus also leads to more numbers of struggles in families across the world. Couples are required to face much more difficult tests. It also leads to more stress and other anxiety among the people. Lockdown leads to more number of child custody cases as well as the rising divorce cases in India as well as across the world.

More Challenges:

Marriage is a beautiful combination of compromise, love, and adjustment. During the Lockdown due to the COVID-19, most of the people have been facing more challenges in their lives that include financially. There have been lots of changes taken place among the married couples. Personal spaces during the Lockdown have been highly redefined and also shrinked. It is quite difficult to avoid conflict during the long lockdowns. It also even affects many numbers of successful marriages. When couples are forced to stay at home for more number of days, it could lead to more stress and anxiety.

Research On Divorces Cases:

In India, there has been a highly threefold rise in divorce cases during the Lockdown. Divorces cases have been highly applied in the first-tier cities of India and it has been increasing. Based on the recent research stating 6 out of the 10 calls at the lawyer consultation firms in India are about the divorce. There has been a higher increase in divorce cases, especially during the Lockdown situations. Lockdowns also have brought many numbers of couples closer. The main reason is that the current graph of the baby boom has been higher during the post Lockdown.

Well Experienced Divorce Lawyers:

Being stuck at home mainly affects your both mentally and financially. All these could lead to a great deal among the family. During this hard circumstance, there could be a break in the relationship when it is not properly guided. When you are looking for applying a divorce legally then choosing the best divorce lawyer is most important. Well experienced Divorce Lawyers have a full-service law firm offering complete legal assistance as well as consultations. The Divorce Lawyers are committed to providing efficient as well as result-oriented solutions for clients. They mainly value the beliefs and trust of the clients in them. Dedicated lawyers fought and won many numbers of Divorce Cases Successfully. You can definitely get the optimum result for your divorce-related cases.

Handling The Case Lawfully:

Experts Lawyers mainly have a large portfolio of legal services and offer the best solution for the clients. Lawyers are truly committed to providing the best services and offering a complete methodology of bringing you a higher success rate. When you are facing any family disputes that could not be resolved then consulting a professional and well experience law firm would be one of the best ways legally.

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