Reasons for Divorce

A Few Common Reasons for Divorce

If your spouse and you do not get along then very soon it will show up in the attitude towards each other. There will be feeling of resentment and sternness between you and both will remain aloof from each other. There is a possibility that you may patch up soon and the relationship may again become normal. However, if aloofness from each other continues longer then perhaps divorce becomes the only solution.

As a matter of fact, it is not very uncommon to see fight between couple. They fight and again make up which is part of life. However, in some cases things come to a point of no return when divorce becomes the only way out.

In this article, we shall try to identify few common reasons due to which the couple can fall apart, which may result in divorce.  By the way, if you are also going through such situation then you can contact the finest lawyer to resolve your issue.

Following are few reasons that lead a couple to go for divorce.


Most of the marriages fail because of extra-marital affairs. The affair initially starts with innocent friendship and eventually it becomes much more than just friendship, which may deeply hurt the other spouse.


If the spending habit of one of the spouses is more than the limit then it may often cause distress in the relationship. Money has become a very important factor in our life. It is much easier to spend but too difficult to earn.

Communication gap

Good communication is pillar of any strong marriage. If two partners only talk to each other at higher tone or by with a nasty comment about each other and not talking normally all throughout the day, then it is very difficult to save your relationship.

Constant arguing

If couple argue on the same topic again and again and can never resolve it as no one is ready to listen to each other, then there cannot be any consensus between the two. No one will be ready to accommodate each other’s feelings.

Weight gain

If one of the partner gains too much weight then he or she can become unattractive to the other partner. This may eventually show up in their relationship too.

Unrealistic expectation

Unrealistic expectation can certainly put a lot of stress on the other partner and he or she begins to think himself totally useless. Ultimately this can cause resentment and end up in breakdown in relation.

Lack of intimacy

Lack of intimacy is just not limited to sex only but also in their physical and emotional relationships too. If there is no warmth in the relationship then it cannot continue for long.

Physical abuse

Both physical and emotional abuse that take place is really a very sad thing.

Not fully prepared for marriage<

Many couple often tie the knot at a very early age and later realize that it was too early and try to get out of the relationship.

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