Searching for ‘Divorce Lawyer In Delhi?’ – We Have You Covered!!

Divorce Lawyer New Delhi is a platform that is exclusively developed to help you find the best divorce lawyer in Delhi Find the best divorce lawyer in New Delhi to help you and guide you all through the difficult phase of separation from your spouse Allow our experienced divorce lawyer in Delhi to help you get the best divorce settlement in the least possible time. 

Searching For ‘Divorce Lawyer In Delhi?’ – We Have You Covered!!

Divorce Lawyer New Delhi is a law firm that is exclusively developed to help you find the best advice on matrimonial disputes in New Delhi. Our advocates are always ready to help you and guide you through the difficult phase of separation from your spouse with their expert advice. Allow our experienced lawyers to help you get the best divorce settlement in the least possible time.

Reasonable Fees

Any lawyers that are listed on Divorce Lawyer New Delhi, a law firm that is experienced and knows all about the difficult times that you are going through. Our mission is to help you find the best settlement without spending too much. We also work on contingency fees for divorce on mutual consent, which you can pay only after the case is settled in your favour.


Our advocates have years of experience and have helped hundreds of clients to complete the process of divorce with amicable terms. Our divorce advocates will professionally guide you through the entire process to ensure the best outcome for your case.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our advocates in New Delhi will leave no stone unturned to help you get the best results. With many years of practice and experience, they have built contacts with the right kind of personal and intellectual resources to ensure maximum satisfaction to our valued clients.

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    Welcome To Divorce Lawyer New Delhi - Meet the Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

    We are a law firm that is exclusively designed to help people quickly find the right divorce lawyers in Delhi. Each of the lawyers listed with us is highly determined to provide the best quality service to help you move on with your life after the separation.

    You will appreciate working with our solicitors because our goal is to help you find success. They are highly skilled and effective, which is reflected in their impressive track records. We take great pride in being able to help our clients get the divorce settlement as quickly as possible. 

    If you are wondering about who is the best divorce advocate in Delhi, then you have reached the right place. We offer a free consultation with zero obligations. You can make up your mind to hire our divorce lawyer in New Delhi only after you are satisfied with the consultation, and you will be!

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    Our Practice Areas

    Child Custody

    Child Custody Lawyers You Can Actually TrustOur divorce lawyers in Delhi have helped many clients get amicable child custody settlements. We have the knowledge and experience of handling such matters with a

    Annulment of Marriage

    Annulment of Marriage: What is it? Marriage is always a big decision in our lives, but some difficult situations demand the complete cancellation of the marriage. Our lawyers have the

    Foreign Divorce

    Foreign divorce in India is considered a tricky business because many people are unaware of the steps involved, hence a huge uncertainty about the outcome looms.NRIs will need to get


    Any married woman is legally eligible to claim maintenance from her ex-husband after getting a divorce. Our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi will help you get the rightful maintenance settlement so that

    Mutual Consent Divorce

    What is Mutual Consent Divorce?Mutual consent divorce happens when husband and wife agree on a mutual understanding to dissolve their marriage without contention. Section 13B of the Hindu Marriage Act

    Divorce Petition Drafting

    Divorce Petition Drafting Our Delhi divorce lawyers have many years of practicing law and have helped innumerable clients in moving ahead with their lives. They will expertly draft the Divorce Petition after

    498 A & Allied Criminal Proceedings

    What is IPC Section 498A? This section made its way in the Penal Code by Criminal Law (Second Amendment) Act of 1983. It provides legal protection to the woman who

    Transfer Petition in Supreme Court

    Our Delhi divorce lawyers can help you in transferring the case to the court that is closer to you. It will help you save a lot of time and money

    Court Marriage in Delhi

    Court Marriage In Delhi There are many circumstances where the married couple will have to opt for court marriage in Delhi. You will need a good lawyer to help you

    Best Divorce Lawyer Delhi for Legal Support


    Even though marriages are typically seen as an official agreement between the spouses to stay with each other forever, many couples feel the need for a separation. The wedding relationship turns bitter with each passing day, and staying together becomes more and more difficult. We allow you to gain access to the best divorce solicitors in a matter of minutes. 

    There can be many reasons for a divorce, but it is going to be a difficult and emotional phase for couples and their family members, especially children. The best way to deal with the issue is by contacting our lawyers in Delhi. They can expertly help you resolve the case at the earliest. Our lawyers are just a call away and we do not charge anything for the consultation.

    Divorce cases in India can be broadly classified into 2 types.

    Mutual consent divorce: If both partners decide that the separation is best for them and are willing to peacefully settle the property and child custody matters, then the cause can be resolved with divorce by mutual consent. Even if there are conflicts, our lawyers will still make all attempts to arrive at mutual consent by negotiating with the concerned parties and their advocates. 

    Divorce by mutual consent is always considered the best option as it takes very little time when compared to a contested divorce. Our solicitors will be more than happy to work with you on contingency fees for mutual consent divorce, which you can pay them only after they settle the case in your favour.

    Contested divorce: When all attempts to arrive at a divorce by mutual consent fail, our lawyer will prepare to contest the case in a court of law. This type of divorce can take more time, sometimes even years before coming to a logical end. Our lawyers will stand with you all the way and fight it out in court to help you get the divorce decree from the court.

    Why Do You Need Our Divorce Lawyer in Delhi?

    When it comes to visiting the court of law, it is always wise to hire the services of a good lawyer. They will have all the knowledge and experience to wade through the complex procedures and paperwork that the involved in divorce cases. Moreover, they are also well-versed in the workings of courts. These family courts work quite differently when compared to criminal and civil courts. 

    You will need a lawyer even if you are going for a divorce through mutual consent. If you require the best divorce lawyer, you have come to the right place. They will make all attempts to know about the situation that you are going through, and try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We believe that it does not have to be more painful than it already is.

    They will study your case closely and design the right strategies to help you get the judgment in your favour. They will explain each procedure step-by-step so that you can face the entire procedure of the case with confidence and courage. Our advocates are highly approachable, and you can contact them anytime, no matter how small a point you wish to discuss.

    Our solicitors will try for mutual consent to expedite the entire matter. At the same time, they are also completely prepared to contest the case in a court of law if needed. They do all the groundwork like collecting pieces of evidence, which can be photographs, documents, and videos, and also by talking to witnesses. Our mission is to help you win the case, one way or the other. You will be impressed with the dedication and sustained efforts of our lawyers through the entire ordeal.

    Making It Easy for People to Choose the Best Divorce Lawyer in Delhi

    We understand the importance of finding the right divorce solicitor to help you through the procedures needed for your case. Sometimes, these things can take a long time, from months to maybe even years. That is why you will need a good lawyer who has the compassion to understand the situation that you are going through.

    Our advocates have many years of experience handling divorces and matrimonial matters like child custody, annulment of marriage, maintenance, property sharing, inheritance, and more.

    Best Divorce lawyer in Delhi

    We have developed this online platform for people to find good divorce advocates in Delhi without having to run from pillar to post. You can discuss with multiple lawyers on this very platform and then decide on the right one to represent your case.

    Usually, divorce-related matters are not as easy, because it emotionally affects many people in the family, and even in friend circles. Our solicitors pay extra attention to understanding all the aspects related to the case and guide you in deciding the best possible solutions for your future. They will make the right strategies to strengthen the case in your favour.

    Our solicitors understand the emotional situation of our clients. Our goal is to help them get the best solution, without burdening them further with high legal charges. We charge reasonable fees compared to anywhere else in Delhi. Our lawyers work also on contingency fees in cases where the divorce can be finalized through mutual consent. What it means is that you will not have to pay the fees until the case is resolved.

    High Success Rate

    When it comes to divorce matters, our lawyers are aggressive. They have built the reputation of having all sides covered to ensure a positive judgment for our clients. You need a good divorce lawyer to improve your winning chances. Contact us today for a free consultation!

    Mantu Pati
    Mantu Pati
    Mr. Suresh Gupta helped my cousin with her mutual divorce and child custody, there was an issue in her case regarding her mental peace , violence and daily tortures, he settled the case with ease. Throughout the process he was very patient, understanding and made sure that she gets the divorce with ease. We are very thankful to him and his team. Not only he's such a good lawyer but also a very humble person at heart.
    Hari Sahu
    Hari Sahu
    This lawyer is the best one in Delhi for getting a divorce. I told a friend of mine who was going through a divorce that they were the best lawyers to go to. The response was amazing and out of the usual. The help desk staff is very helpful. The Lawyer is gud, and so is his team. I strongly suggest this to anyone who wants to find a good, serious lawyer.
    Akshal Electronics
    Akshal Electronics
    8. My experience talking to Mr. Suresh Gupta about my legal problems was very gud. He and his team were friendly and warm, and they paid close attention to the facts of my case as I told them. When he told me things and gave me advice, he was clear and thorough, as well as caring and kind. He quickly answered the follow-up questions I sent him via email and chat. I would highly recommend his work!
    Laxmi Gupta
    Laxmi Gupta
    Suresh Gupta showed his worth to me. His understanding of the case and the way he thought about it were totally awesome. I suggest him if you're getting a divorce. He is one of the best lawyers in Delhi for getting a divorce.
    sonu kumar
    sonu kumar
    Suresh Gupta and the professionals he works with are helpful and the best in Delhi. Good knowledge of the law. And consultation fees that are reasonable. The best law company for good advice and legal problems.
    Nupur Sinha
    Nupur Sinha
    indeed a great lawyer in Delhi, I was going through a tuff time, was facing domestic violence, and was not sure if I had to keep silent or if should I fight back. after a few discussions with Suresh Gupta, I was confident that I should not keep going with such trauma and I went as guided. I feel free now 🙂
    anjali singh
    anjali singh
    I don't write this lengthy review but here i must do. I have just gone through a very traumatic experience of getting a divorce, and I want to thank the professional and committed lawyers from Suresh Gupta of Divorce Lawyer New Delhi for their exemplary help. From the first consultation to the final day in court, they were with me every step of the way. They had an impressive amount of knowledge about Indian divorce law, which is extremely important when dealing with complicated cases such as mine. They helped me understand all my rights under law and gave me sound advice on how to approach my case. Their expertise in dealing with family disputes was extremely helpful in keeping things civil between myself and my former spouse during the process. He worked hard to ensure that I get favourable outcomes. On top of that, they made sure I stayed calm throughout the process by providing emotional support when needed, never failing to answer any questions or clarify any confusions I had along the way. I would highly recommend Divorce Lawyer New Delhi for anyone going through divorce proceedings in Delhi (or many be in other states, I'am not sure) as their commitment, expertise and empathy were unmatched!
    anand rajput
    anand rajput
    Without a doubt they are the best choice I ever made. best attorney for a divorce Strongly advised! I required trust and consistency during my divorce. They not only delivered on all they promised, but they also turned into my true advocates and helped me through the difficult process of divorce with assurance, grace, and kindness.

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